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Going Towards The Nature is Going Towards The Health is our Book Series on Ayurveda & Yoga

Going Toward The Nature is Going Towards The Health on Amazon by Shaman Melodie McBride & Dr Ashutosh & Dr. Mrs  Anagha Yardi, is about beginning an individual journey on improving your health through Ayurveda body typing, diet, yoga and a quantum perspective of how to become more aware of you and your role in the society you have chosen 

The Books in the Series Correlate with the Elements of Nature

GTTN  on Barnes & Noble. Book 1 is Earth and covers the Basics, Book 2 is Water and moves into the emotion around diet , herbs and begins into the dis-eases of the body. Book 3 we decided to add in and covers how to prepare and cook with recipes and Indian to Western correlations of herbs and spices. It has the botanical cover. Book 4 is Fire and deals with the cycles we create around the relations we have in our daily happenings. Book 5 is Air/Space and in process 

From the USA to India & Back Again & AGAIN!

Each Book has 5 Parts and the series will have 5 books and it will be complete in 5 years. 555 is a sequence that inspires magnificent life transformations that are divinely inspired. That is the power that has guided the three of us to write this series and NOW to carry our work to YOU in a brand new online program here on this site and on FB at 

5 PARTS in 5 WEEKS an Ayurveda & Yoga 35 Day Challenge!